"Never sacrifice the products that make you feel like a woman!"

Tin Kaine with bow

Like many first time Hunters, Deaux Girl founder, Tina Kaine, didn’t know the ins and outs of being in the field when she went hunting with her husband for the first time.  Her biggest disappointment during the trip didn’t come from missing a trophy animal, however, as she did indeed take a great bear.  Rather it was learning that she couldn’t wear any makeup or even fix her hair for her keepsake picture.  Unfortunately, the fragrances commonly found in women's personal care products could not be worn while hunting prey whose sense of smell is seven times greater than that of a bloodhound!  As much as she loved the thrill of the hunt, she was disappointed in the way she felt around camp, so she set out to change that. 

Tina is a self-proclaimed "Frou-Frou" girl.  That does not mean she can’t—or won’t—hunt and fish with the big boys.  She just wants to do it in style!  With her pink bow, nicely painted nails, and yes, her makeup, she is a true huntress; make no mistake about that!  Tina’s philosophy that you "should never sacrifice the products that make you feel like a woman" led her on a personal quest.  She began collaborating with laboratories that specialize in creating cosmetics and personal care products.  She worked with highly-trained chemists to come up with formulations that were scent Eliminating and scent controlling.  They also needed to be gentle on the skin and as natural as possible.  These groundbreaking formulas led her to start the amazing company that is now Deaux Girl.

The Deaux Girl mineral foundation is a paraben-free, mineral-based powder made right here in the USA!  Whether pressed or loose, these mineral powders are blended with Zinc and Phenoxyethanol, which act as a topical antiseptic that also infuses the foundation with a natural sunscreen.  All of the cosmetics are designed to complement any skin tone.  Whether pressed or loose powder foundations and corresponding concealers; liquid or pencil eyeliners; lip liners with coordinating lipsticks and our amazing highlighting lip glosses; you will find you have a delightful array of colors to choose from!

Deaux Girl's current line of body and hair care products is nothing short of phenomenal!  Tina once again worked closely with our chemists to create formulations that were not only effective at controlling scent, but ones that would work with your body to maintain its natural moisture levels.  The hunt for salon-quality, Scent Eliminating Shampoo and Conditioner that will leave your hair shiny and healthy is truly over!  No more hacking off inches of dry, damaged hair after hunting for weeks, months on end.  When your stylist doesn't even know you've "gone hunting" you know you've found a great product!  The Deaux Girl product line also features a luxurious Body Wash that doubles as a shaving gel.  When followed up with our Ultra-Healing Body Lotion, your skin is left feeling soft, smooth and moisturized—no matter how tough the terrain gets!  Don't forget to use the Scent Eliminating Field Spray for you and your gear before hitting your stand—there's a reason they call us Beautifully Lethal!

There is nothing more important than knowing you can be yourself, while taking good care of yourself.  Tina has made that a reality for ladies who love the outdoors.  And it's all—cosmetics, body and hair care—brought to you in one place, in one amazing product line!  You wouldn’t go on vacation without your beauty regimen, so why would you go into the woods without it?