Whether you are able to spend ten minutes in the shower or an hour lounging in a bathtub, we have items that clean and nourish your skin from head to toe. Coming in sizes large and small, our bath and body products will clear away the day's grime to leave your face, torso and limbs feeling clean and renewed. Feel all your worries melt away when you indulge in some bath and body products from Deaux Girl. Infused with DG Complex.

Deaux Girl, LLC is the only cosmetic company in the U.S. selling a patent-pending product that eliminates human odor.  Offering a full line of cosmetic products from mineral powder and concealer to lip gloss and lip liner.

The brand was 100% developed by a woman for a woman. Deaux Girl feels there is nothing more important than knowing you can be yourself while taking good care of yourself.  Deaux Girl has made that a reality for ladies who love the outdoors.  And it's all—cosmetics, body and hair care—brought to you in one place, in one amazing product line!  You wouldn’t go on vacation without your beauty regimen, so why would you go into the woods without it?